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Economia Austríaca e Keynesianismo explicados em um minuto

O eterno debate entre Keynesianos e Austríacos

A eterna batalha entre os economistas Keynesianos e Austríacos gira em torno do papel que o estado deve desempenhar na sociedade. Os Keynesianos defendem a intervenção do estado sempre que a economia não estiver indo bem, seja através de políticas fiscais, como gastos do governo em infraestrutura, ou da política monetária, reduzindo as taxas de juros ou até mesmo criando dinheiro. Por outro lado, os Austríacos acreditam que os mercados são eficientes e que a intervenção do governo pode causar mais mal do que bem. Eles consideram que uma crise financeira é como um remédio amargo, que pode não ter um gosto bom, mas é bom para você.

A visão dos Austríacos

A economia Austríaca gira em torno da suposição de que os mercados são muito eficientes e que a intervenção do governo faz mais mal do que bem. Eles acreditam que desequilíbrios no sistema precisam ser corrigidos e não consideram uma crise financeira algo ruim que precisa ser interrompido através da intervenção do estado.


Qual lado você escolheria? A realidade é que a economia é um campo complexo, e a resposta certa pode estar em algum lugar no meio. A importância está em continuar debatendo e buscando soluções para os desafios econômicos que enfrentamos.


O que os Keynesianos defendem?

Os Keynesianos defendem a intervenção do estado na economia, utilizando políticas fiscais e monetárias para estimular o crescimento econômico.

O que os Austríacos acreditam?

Os economistas Austríacos acreditam na eficiência dos mercados e afirmam que a intervenção do governo pode causar mais mal do que bem.

Economia Austríaca e Keynesianismo – Entenda em um minuto

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21 Comentários

  1. The situation today is exactly what Keynesian economics leads to. Deficit monetization, credit expansion, kicking the can down the road until you hit a wall and you pay for it one hundred fold.

    The largest wealth gap in US history, record high dept to gdp and an inflation crisis. Bravo Keynes, maybe you should have pursued an economics degree before creating the modern western framework of economics.

  2. Picking an economic school like it’s a team is ridiculous. You should learn about them all , but recognise that they all have useful and non useful ideas and the utility of those ideas won’t remain constant through time. What matters is the data and policy making should be nimble enough and our economic thought flexible enough to respond to what we find in the data.

  3. I think this video was a bit biased. Austrian economics doesn't necessarily say that a financial crisis shouldn't be stopped (by state intervention). There are Austrian economists that believe state intervention makes financial crises even worse and therefore less state intervention actually helps fight financial crises. So they do care about financial crises.

  4. If by "Keynesian economics" is not more than the content of his 1936 publication, "The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money". If his General Theoy is summarized, it states that when an economy is in stagnation, that is high unemployment and little investment by businesses, only the government – which has the ability to spend borrowed money as required – can restore employment and the encouragement for investment by businesses. Businesses will not take the risk of doing that. When the economy is restored to normal activity, the government can use its power to tax in order to pay back the borrowed stimulus.
    That's all that can be laid at the doorstep of J.M. Keynes. All else is conservative propaganda.

  5. I am a Keyesianism person myself he's focus on stability tends to work and has shown to work much better than doing nothing in almost every case. His other idea of mixing capital and social economics to prevent the labor class from burning everything thing own and the rich from screwing everyone over has been the standard model of EU economics for 90 years and it has worked out well so fair. I wish the US would stop thinking greed is going and screw you I got my money and start following Keynesian economic ideas.

  6. GDP is BS. Destroying all the windows in a country will raise the GDP since it will require new materials to be sourced, produced, distributed, … and will also require many wage hours. On the contrary, if a company saves money to buy a huge machine next year, which will quadruple their production, they will cause a decrease in GDP for the current year.

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