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Estagflação explicada em um minuto

O fenômeno da estagflação: uma exceção na economia

Quando a economia está em crescimento e a taxa de desemprego é baixa, a inflação tende a aparecer devido à maior demanda por bens. Por outro lado, em tempos de recessão e alto desemprego, geralmente não observamos inflação. No entanto, a estagflação representa uma exceção a essa regra.

Explicando a estagflação

Durante os anos 70 e início dos anos 80, países como os Estados Unidos enfrentaram uma situação peculiar. Sua economia estava estagnada, a taxa de desemprego era alta e havia uma inflação elevada. Esse fenômeno incomum ficou conhecido como estagflação.

As duas explicações mais plausíveis para o surgimento da estagflação são: aumentos dramáticos nos preços do petróleo, que elevaram os custos de produção; e má política monetária, onde os bancos centrais não foram suficientemente agressivos em seus esforços para combater a inflação.

A solução para a estagflação

A partir de 1979, Paul Volcker tornou-se presidente do Federal Reserve e implementou políticas anti-inflacionárias agressivas, seguindo as recomendações de Milton Friedman. Além disso, não houve mais aumentos dramáticos nos preços do petróleo e, pelo contrário, os preços do petróleo caíram consideravelmente. Por esses motivos, e talvez outros, o problema da estagflação chegou ao fim.

No entanto, a estagflação deixou claro que os modelos econômicos não são infalíveis, demonstrando que a economia pode ser imprevisível. É importante aprender com esse episódio e estar preparado para lidar com possíveis surpresas no futuro.


A estagflação foi um fenômeno único que desafiou as expectativas econômicas e mostrou que a economia pode surpreender. A lição dessa experiência é a necessidade de uma compreensão mais ampla e flexível da economia, bem como a preparação para lidar com imprevistos. A estagflação foi um alerta sobre as limitações dos modelos econômicos e a importância de estar pronto para cenários imprevisíveis.


O que é estagflação?

Estagflação é um fenômeno econômico caracterizado pela combinação de estagnação econômica, alto desemprego e inflação elevada, contrariando a teoria econômica convencional.

Como a estagflação foi enfrentada?

A estagflação foi enfrentada por meio de políticas monetárias agressivas, como a implementação de medidas anti-inflacionárias e a redução drástica nos aumentos dos preços do petróleo.



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  1. I take issue at the very first sentence.
    A healthy economy should result in deflation. If your ability to produce rises, then the price drops.

    Stagflation is not strange at all. If you just printed money and gave everybody 100 000 euros today. That would do nothing to goods and services being produced, the jobs would remain the same, the economy would not grow, prices would just rise. = STAGFLATION.

  2. Money Grows on Trees. Does it, or doesn't it? That's your answer. Economists quibble about whether the Magic Money Tree causes inflation or not but any moron knows inflation is caused by money printing because MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES.

  3. Stagflation is essentially marked by a rise in the quantity of money in the economy without a corresponding increase in productivity of those dollars. Essentially, more dollars for the same amount of goods = stagflation. 2-3% of yearly inflation is a good thing because it makes debt easier to pay back (though it hurts savers) and those are usually tied to smart investments which tend to increase value turnover. But when the economy is marked by malinvestment those dollars become inefficient and that increases the real price of debt.

  4. Keeping giving Billions of Tax payer dollar to Ukraine and Now Sweden and Finland rather than looking whats goin on.. and yeah it will solve automatically.
    World is falling apart with wrong people doing wrong things at wrong time.

  5. It's hard to believe, but I don't think it's wrong The situation is getting worse in the war between Russia and Ukraine, and if it continues to get worse, everything that's needed besides prices will go up that much the same now It's frustrating that no one knows that the biggest cause is it.

  6. Wow where the hell are all the new comments? The numbers for the 2nd quarter literally just came out yesterday so that means we are officially in a recession mixed with the inflation. But then again anybody dumb enough to vote for Joe Biden and kamala Harris will would never watch a video like this because they don't know what stag flation is it is they barely know what pre algebra is. The idiot literally declared war is there A-war on energy in the US is 1st week in office with all those executive orders. Then gas goes from $2 to $5.. Oh but let's blame it on trump and Putin of course. Then let's go of tens of millions of barrels from our reserve Earth which only temporarily cuts to class if a cuts the costs down a little bit not to mention 25% of those barrels got sold to China.. The country that just threatened military aggression against us and it's our biggest adversary and literally responsible for starting the covid 19 virus . It absolutely blows my mind that not only did Over half the country Vote for Biden and Harris in 2020 even after an extremely successful 4 years of fantastic policy by Donald Trump and a campaign from Sleepy Joe where he hid in his basement for months and the rare occasion he did a basement interview to read off his teleprompter end quote, his mental decline was beyond obvious. He veered away from the teleprompter a couple times the last big occasion was when he called charlamaine are the main that if you don't vote for him you aint black. Since that day is campaign's team's strategy hes strategy is to hide him as much as possible so he can say as little as possible and do as few interviews as possible and if and when he does they must be from democrats with preapproved softball questions. Trump took on anybody and everybody and not just him most republicans.. A Democrat politician will never go on Fox News to have a discussion or a debate because they know that they don't know s***.

    Bottom line is the most outrageous part about this whole thing is not only did they vote for these morons but even if they dif they did 18 months later literally not one successful thing in bullshit in any department about anything worst president of all time by far and there are still people out there that will vote for these people again in 2024

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  9. The main issue is our gross debt is orders of magnitude higher than it was in the 70s, so it can become very dangerous to claim correlations to that time period and apply heavily hawkish economic policies for long amounts of time while expecting the same result.

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  11. prices are either all gonna have to be set or wages are and theres SO many factors that go into people trading. I dont think anybody can account for all the variables unless you make an entire college course about it with a 4 year degree. I dont think even those people understand it.

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