Rekha’s Reaction to Vicky Kaushal’s Poster Leaves Everyone Impressed

Rekha, the legendary Bollywood actress, recently expressed her admiration for Vicky Kaushal’s poster, leaving everyone in awe. Her reaction has created quite a buzz and has gained widespread attention on social media.

Rekha’s Admirable Reaction

Rekha’s gesture towards Vicky Kaushal’s poster has taken the internet by storm. The way she appreciates the younger generation of talent reflects her graceful and supportive nature.

The Impact on Social Media

As soon as the video of Rekha’s reaction surfaced online, it went viral within minutes. Fans and followers of both Rekha and Vicky Kaushal couldn’t help but praise the heartwarming interaction between the two celebrated personalities.

Watch the Video Here

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What was Rekha’s reaction to Vicky Kaushal’s poster?

Rekha admirably expressed her appreciation for Vicky Kaushal’s poster, leaving many people impressed and talking about it.

How did the internet react to Rekha’s gesture?

The internet responded with enthusiasm and admiration for the heartwarming interaction, with the video quickly going viral.


Rekha’s genuine and supportive reaction to Vicky Kaushal’s poster has not only captured the hearts of fans but has also set a beautiful example of acknowledging and uplifting talent across generations in the entertainment industry.

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